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Jennifer Lopez Wears Nearly Naked Birthday Suit To Celebrate Turning 47

Jennifer Lopez gave a whole new meaning to the term birthday suit with her choice of outfit at her “pre” birthday party.

Lopez wore a brown and sheer catsuit by Balmain as she celebrated turning 47 with Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris, on Sunday 24 July. 

This is the second year in a row that Lopez has rocked the nearly naked trend on her birthday.

In 2015 she wore a sheer dress with some serious cut outs by Bao Tranchi.

Talking about the dress, the LA_based designer told NY Daily News: “It was coming up with a fresh approach to sexy J. Lo. like ‘How do we redisplay her body in a new way that we’ve haven’t seen yet?’” 

Jerritt Clark via Getty Images

Jerritt Clark via Getty Images
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