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Nine-Year-Old Boy Hailed A Hero After Catching Baby Brother Who Fell Off Changing Table

A nine-year-old has been hailed a “hero” after he caught his baby brother when he fell off a 4ft changing table. 

The moment Joseph Levia, from Florida, sprang to action when his mum, Tila Levia, briefly turned her back to tend to her other child, was captured on CCTV.

The footage shows Joseph’s 11-month-old brother rolling over on the mat then hanging his leg over the side of the table, before tumbling over the edge.

In that second, Joseph managed to run and catch the baby before he hit the floor.


“I felt like something came and pushed me forward,” Joseph told InsideEdition.

“And when that happened, I ran and caught him.”

His mother said she believed it was a “miracle” that Joseph managed to catch his brother so quickly.

“I messed up and did something wrong, but I must have done something right to have been deserving of this little guy,” she added.

Joseph, you hero. 

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